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Paula Reto

“The Bay”
This week we are in the beautiful area of San Francisco, this is one of my most favorite places in California. I am hoping to do a bit more sightseeing than usual, one of the places that I would like to visit is Alcatraz. To explore Alcatraz would be an awesome experience since I have always been so curious about the prison island. I am a big fan of the golf course that we will be competing on this week. We are playing at Lake Merced which is a very unique golf course. There are a few extra elements to consider while playing this week. One of them being
the cold and windy days, especially in the morning, this requires for us to take extra club and sometimes even play the golf course a bit different. We as players enjoy the change in conditions because it makes the course tougher and becomes a good challenge. I have been doing some swing changes and I am very excited about my improvements, especially here in San Francisco. I am also very excited to be wearing my jackets and sweaters from Nivo, this is a perfect event to rock those on the golf course. When we are off the golf course we have lots of activities to attend and fun things to explore, I have a sweet tooth and really enjoy some great ice cream. While I will be here in San Francisco I am excited to find some good ice creams places to quench my sweet tooth. I am also very excited to be attending a San Francisco Giants Baseball game, which is one of my favorite teams, I am really looking forward to attend the game with some of my fellow LPGA girls.