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John Catlin

I am going to take this fourth blog opportunity to write about what I bring with me to all of my golf tournaments so that you can see what I need on a weekly basis besides just my golf clubs.
The packing process usually begins with a weather check for the week ahead on my trusty weather channel app. The reason I do this is because weather is very critical in knowing what clothes I should pack. Sligo wear has been generous enough to supply me with all of my basic clothing needs so after I find out what kind of weather I am expecting I can pack all my stylish Sligo wear for the tournament ahead. Now my tournament weeks are Monday through Sunday so I have to make sure that I have eight pairs of pants and shirts just in case of stain from food or dirt from something unexpected. Definitely want to look my best when I tee it up and represent Sligo. Then comes the basic necessities of socks, underwear, casual shoes, and casual clothes. I pack two pairs of golf shoes in case one of my pairs gets wet or one of pairs goes better with my outfit then another. I bring three or four hats from the lovely people at Srixon usually three white hats and one black as this is the color scheme that goes best with the clothes that I wear and if I win a tournament it is nice to have a hat or two to give away. I bring at least one and a half dozen golf balls (or one sleeve per day of golf) along with at least four gloves. New balls and gloves can make all the difference in the world when it comes to feel and performance on the golf course. I also wear orthotics in my shoes so I have to make sure I bring all three of these so that I have the proper orthotics for the proper shoes that I am wearing. Now if the weather is going to be cold or rainy I have to make sure that I bring my rain gear and sweaters.
The last thing you want to be when trying to swing a golf club is cold because this will really mess up your tempo and timing, which is everything in a golf swing. Another small few things that I bring are my foam roller, hand roller, and back massager. We as golfers put a lot of strain on our bodies from the long flights to the 90-108 holes that we play along with our long practice sessions on the driving range. We have to make sure that we are taking good care of our bodies through stretching and massaging our muscles to keep them loose and ready to fire correctly. For down time I will bring my laptop, bose headphones, a book, and my speaker. We as professional golfers spend a lot of time alone so it is nice to have things that you enjoy off the course which for me is netflix, a good book, good music and some time of peace and quiet.