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John Catlin

Winning on tour
Hello again. I am going to write this next blog post on one of the most difficult accomplishments that any professional golfer tries to accomplish and that is winning a international professional event. There is so much preparation and difficulty that goes into each and every single victory that any professional golfer might have on any tour the world over. There is the hours of practice and preparation on the range. There is the pressure of qualifying for an international professional golf tour. There is the financial burdens of having to pay for all of the travel expenses that are associated with playing golf. It’s knowing that each and every shot there is a financial upside and downside that comes with good and bad shots that we hit. There are the countless times the players tees it up in a event and struggles to perform at his best. There are the times the player plays his best game and gets beat by his opponent. These are just a few of the many things that we go through as professional golfers. The difference between golf and many other sports is that we as professional golfers have to go through all of these burdens on our own with the do or die resting completely on our own shoulders. It can be exhausting and for a lot of professional golfers that play the world over these stresses can cause many to give up on their dreams of someday making it to the top ranks of professional golf. It is a difficult endeavor but as is anything that is worth achieving in life. As I have always said “professional golf is not for the faint of heart”.  I have won 4 worldwide professional golf tournaments. My latest win came in China at the Asian Pacific Classic in Zhengzhou, China. I have been fortunate to win as a professional athlete but it’s not to say these 4 wins came easy. I have been through all of the listed above difficulties and I have continued to pursue my dreams of making it to even greater heights. I love the challenge of pursuing greatness and winning championships and I will not stop until I am 6 feet under the ground to win more championships. It is what gets me up early in the morning refreshed and ready to go and what keeps me up late at night wanting to know just a little bit more information that I can use the next day on the range or on the course to better my skills. I write all of this to say that I have tremendous respect and admiration for all of my fellow professional golfers but I feel a very deep bond with my fellow winners because I know just how draining it can be to come down the stretch and have to perform at the highest level and win.